beyond rose-coloured glasses…

 I believe that we need to change the way we look at eating disorders. The only way to begin fixing any issue is to to attempt to understand it, even just a little bit. 

Suffering is not beautiful. Pain is not an alluring thing, and yet why do we glorify it? 

It’s different creating something beautiful from pain, heartbreak, or loss; art, poetry… in order to better understand it, in order to create something divine from abhorrence, situations in life that are inevitable..
But sugarcoating an illness as being a beautiful thing? Something else entirely.

 We need to stop lusting after bones; we need to stop making suffering, internal torment, a beautiful thing. It’s not.

I feel like this euphemistic view stems from misunderstanding. Eating disorders are stereotyped, and are so looked down upon; they are not seen as mental disorders, illnesses that cannot be helped. They are assumed to be about vanity, and perhaps this is why they are glossed over and twisted into something mistaken as aesthetically appealing. But it’s this assumption, thing seeing it as something entirely different than what it is, that is creating an illusion around a serious problem.
On average, 4 people die 
every single day from eating disorder-related complications. That’s in Australia alone. Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness, with  a 15-20% death rate of all sufferers.  Almost 1 millon Australians were reported suffering with eating disorders last year, and this is a gross underestimation of those that go unreported and undiagnosed. And yet only 10% of sufferers get any help at all. Last year over 1,800 people died from eating disorders in Australia – a figure higher than the 2011 annual road toll. There is only one specialist inpatient eating disorder unit in Australia, with only six beds. How does an illness so prevalent with such a high mortality rate have such little care? Misunderstanding.

This is the first time I have ever spoken, or rather written; so openly about the illness that cast shadows over the past years of my life. For over half my years on this earth, I wasn’t able to express my pain in any way other than hurting myself through starvation; and in turn, hurting those around me. I’ve heard so often of the physical repercussions of eating disorders, however I haven’t come across many of whom speak honestly about the psychological implications, even though it is a psychological illness.
Because it’s something bigger than you. The insurmountable pain is impossible to elucidate.  After all, weight loss is merely a symptom of the deeper psychological problem. It’s yearning to translate the palpable self-hatred onto a canvas more tangible. 

You want to waste away into absolutely nothing and never have to feel anything again; and yet it’s not about the weight at all. The weight simply becomes the appropriated choice nexus of the issue. Because it, at least, can be controlled. And a starving body is a wonderful distractive aberration from any of the real, underlying issues. Let’s pretend it’s solely about weight and vanity and leave what really hurts to a far darker space, where no one can see it. It takes a deep-seated, ingrained self doubt and disgust to starve yourself, to slowly kill yourself. To truly, intrinsically believe that is superfluous in your case; that eating to maintain your life is somehow not necessary; that you honestly do not have a being worthwhile enough to warrant preservation through nourishment. You want to somehow translate your deep personal resentment and inadequacy onto something; and your body is an facile target. It is easy paint your hurt in spaces and sunken cheeks and protruding collarbones. To want to be skeletal. To want to be emaciated. To want to starve yourself into utter oblivion. All you want is to want waste away, to fade into nothing. To disappear. It’s easier than just dealing with the darkness. 

That, is the honest truth.
Tell me, what’s beautiful about that?

If you or a loved one is suffering from an eating disorder, please contact The Butterfly Foundation at 

1800 ED HOPE / 1800 33 4673 Monday–Friday 8am to 9pm





meat free week

“Properly planned vegan diets are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases….are appropriate for individuals during all stages of the life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, and adolescence, and for athletes.” — American Dietetic Association Volume 109, Issue 7, Pages 1266-1282 (July 2009)

There are a myriad of benefits to not eating meat; not only health-wise, but also ethically and environmentally.
So Meat Free Week which runs from 24-30th of March this year,  highlights how easy it is to eat a plant-based diet in a world where eating meat has become so normalised.

While it’s not realistic to sit here and tell you to stop eating meat altogether, I am going to give you the best reasons why you should at least reduce your consumption, and why this week is so important;

vegans live longer ~ extensive studies conducted over the years have found that on average vegans and vegetarians live 6-9 years longer than people who eat meat. The China Study also found a 20% decrease in premature  mortality rates in those who consume a plant-based diet.

reduce meat/reduce disease ~ The China Study (which surveyed over 6,500 people from over 65 countries) has shown a direct statistical correlation between the consumption of meat and the prevalence of disease in individual groups. such as; cancer, inflammation, anxiety, depression, lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, diabetes, Osteoperosis, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, obesity, kidney failure, among many others.

vego’s/vegans save lives ~ on average one vegetarian saves 100 animals’ lives per year, and vegans around 200 lives annually.

australia, listen up ~ in just 90 days, our country alone senselessly slaughtered; 169,000 calves, 2.1 million cows, 2.7 million sheep, 145 million chickens, 1.2 million pigs, 5.5 million lambs. They are animals and earthlings just like us, and have just as much right to be here, but I’ll just let that statistic sink in for a moment.

save water ~ it takes about 1135.5 liters of water per day to produce food for a vegan, and more than 15141.5 liters for meat-eaters.

save more water~ statistics elucidate that by not eating just ONE kilo of beef, you save more water than you do by not showering for an entire year. (and the average person eats over their weight’s worth of meat in one year)

help solve global hunger ~ we grow enough grain to provide 50% more than is required for every single person in the entire world; and yet 27, 000 children under the age of 5 die of hunger every single day. And what is all this grain being used for? To feed the countless animals that are mess bred for the meat, dairy and egg industries.

help solve global hunger, again ~ it takes over 5 kilos of grain (13 pounds) to produce less than 1 kilo of meat – that amount of grain could feed an entire village in a developing nation.

help reduce global warming ~ over 50% of global non-human greenhouse gases can be attributed to livestock being produced entirely for human consumption. In fact in Australia alone, livestock bred for food purposes more warming than all of our coal fired power stations put together.

So it’s easy to make an impact on pressing global issues such as poverty, hunger, warming and various disease epidemics by simply making some small changes to reduce your meat consumption. Even just one or two days less a week can make a huge difference.

For meal plans/ideas, email beautiful Rita from Hippies in the City at, and check out some easy, delicious recipes here!

and for more info on meat free week head to 

love, tasha x




n o u r i s h ~ mindful, conscious eating

Nourishment is so much more than just the kind of food you eat.
you can get the cleanest, most local, organic, biodynamic and freshest produce available
. . . but if you don’t eat it properly you might as well be eating cardboard (albeit nutritious cardboard). Okay, so that was a total over exaggeration of hyperbole..
Nut in truth, consciously eating ~ really and truly nourishing your body ~ has a lot to do with how you consume your food as well as the food itself. it helps prevent bloating, digestive issues, and helps us acquire our nutrients better so we’re really getting the full benefit of our food.
In this world we’re living in, we’re almost constantly on the go, rushed and it can be difficult, and sometimes downright unrealistic, to sit down and eat something properly. But I really putting aside the time ~ think of it this way, your investment in your health, is your investment in your life.And the better you eat, the better you’ll be able to do those activities you’re rushing off to do. So invest some time and love into how and what you nourish your body with.

At Diamond Head Cove Health Bar...

e n j o y full nourishment of the senses . . .

Here are a few little guidelines;

listen to your body ~ if there is one thing I’ve learnt throughout this journey, is that your body is designed to survive. And often it is smarter than we really give it credit for. So listen to those cravings; it’s your body talking you ~ cravings are often deficiencies in nutrients that you need. Feeling stressed and wanting chocolate? Have some raw (organic and fair-trade) cacao, it’s super high in magnesium; a nutrient that is lost from our bodies in times of stress. And yet ironically, helps us deal with it. For a full chart of food cravings and what they mean click here

chew properly ~ saliva actually contains compounds and enzymes that help break down food and assimilate the nutrients into your beautiful body. They say that digestion begins in the mouth..and well, it’s true. So chew baby, chew!

be present ~ no tv, no books. You’re less likely to chew properly, listen to your body..actually you’re less likely to do everything on this list unless you’re fully present. good conversation is the best for this ~ soak up the whole experience with some magical humans! nourish your soul as well as your body.

be grateful ~ think about where the food has come from, how it has gotten to be at your plate. Even the most local produce has required work of both the earth and of farmers to get to you, for the specific purpose of nourishing you. Someone has worked hard to take care of it and grow it, and then transport it and prepare it just for you. The produce itself has braved the elements ~ the sun, wind, rain, hungry little bugs…to get to your plate. Or, if you eat animal products, take some time and be grateful for the animal in which they came. They gave their time, energy or life for you to be nourished. It’s all about gratitude.

take your time ~ It actually takes you 20 minutes to feel full. So sit down, outside if it’s warm and enjoy the full experience of nourishing your body and investing in your health. With loved ones or in solitude.

Everything in this list works with and flows to the rhythm of one another. It’s all a cause and effect, so just soak in the full culinary sacrament of being nourished in every way possible. We’re so very blessed to have food to eat in the first place so love it up!  

Love, Tasha x


Summertime Love Smoothie and gratitude

Beautiful lovely souls,

I am a huge believer in that everything, every intrinsic stitch woven in this magnificent tapestry that we call life, happens for a reason.

It doesn’t always go according to plan or how you perhaps imagined it to, but it’s always, always working in a strange way for the situations that are meant for us… and since the meaning, the entire purpose of this life we are given, is to be happy; whatever the universe works out for us, is always a good thing. Often we have to go through adversity to get to something exquisite (in the slightly altered words of Oscar Wilde) but the outcome is beautiful, and it invokes happiness. Most of life’s blessings come in disguises so never forget to let go, and  t r u s t . 

That being said, I took a break from writing this blog for several reasons… one, is that several months ago, whilst I paddled out into the endless stretch of turquoise that is the oceanic corner of my home in Byron Bay, something huge, as in of epic proportions, hit me. For the first time in my entire life,  I hadn’t, even for a second, thought about how my body looked. Not one shadow of self consciousness had crossed my mind’s path.
I stopped and looked at the ocean’s surface glittering under the morning light, and I realised… this is freedom. Freedom, in it’s most pure and liberated form.
The feeling was impossible to elucidate, and considering that a shocking 97% of women hate one part of their body, it’s not one felt often. But here is the thing darling souls, I want each and every one of you to feel this way. To not worry about any preconceived ideas of the aesthetic “idealisms” of beauty, they aren’t real… because you deserve to. And you know what?
You are healthy. You are free, you are smiling, and full of energy and vibrant  and radiant and alive and that is a beautiful, beautiful thing. And so are you.

A friend shared a quote with me recently that I feel coalesces this perfectly;

You know what’s really, powerfully sexy?
A sense of humor. A taste for adventure. A healthy glow. Hips to grab on to. Openness. Confidence. Humility. Appetite. Intuition. … Smart-ass comebacks.
Presence.  … A storyteller. A  genius. A woman who realizes how beautiful she is.”

~ Courtney E Martin

and so I took the next few months to explore this, as I feel it was the last step of my journey. I would be lying if I said I felt  every moment was filled with self confidence in every respect, we’re all human and we will always, always have days where we feel less than amazing; but for the first summer since I can remember, I didn’t let how I looked stop me from doing the things that I wanted to do. For the first time in my life, I was truly free from how I felt that I should be, and how I “should” look. All I wanted was to be the strongest, most energetic and healthiest version of myself… and  I want every single one of you reading this blog to feel that also. Know that it’s within you, it is. It’s hiding under all of your “should be’s” and “would be’s”. You, as the healthiest and happiest version of yourself, with positive thoughts radiating from you, are beautiful.

I have said it once and I will say it yet again: 

H E A L T H; no matter what shape or size, is beautiful. 

So gorgeous, healthy, happy souls, I hope you had an amazing summer…I hope it was filled with laughter and moonlight swims, live music and endless hours in the ocean, sandy feet and mangoes..
and for you lovely beings in the northern hemisphere, I hope it was filled with snow angels, cups of tea, catching snow flakes on your tongue, snuggling loved ones, classic films and candles.

Thank you endlessly for your patience and support… here is a little recipe created to say thank you..

It feels amazing to be back x

Summertime Love Smoothie 

  • 1/4 cup coconut milk
  • 1 ¼ cup blackberries, fresh or frozen
  • 1/2 a red dragonfruit/pitaya (very high in iron, and vitamin C which assists in absorbing plant-based iron) **
  • 1 yellow peach chopped up
  • tablespoon chia seeds
  • teaspoon coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon maqui berry (available from Loving Earth) or acai powder (also can use frozen pack)
  • 1frozen banana
  • Tablespoon/serving of Six Sense Organic RISE Pea Protein

    1. Place in the blender the coconut milk, berries, dragonfruit, peach, coconut oil and blend well
    2. Add the chia seeds, protein powder and macqui berries, and blend again

    3. Add frozen banana to thicken and blend until smooth


In place of coconut water, use coconut yoghurt  for a thicker smoothie.. it’s also amazing with coconut ice cream!

This also tastes amazing with mango if you don’t have a fructose intolorence!

** if fresh dragonfruit is not available, Pitaya Plus sells pure, blended dragonfruit frozen… and it’s amazing! Check them out at

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Support the fighters|  Admire the survivors | Honour the taken. 

Did you know?

  • It is estimated that in 2013, 14, 940 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • It is also estimated that 2, 700 of these women diagnosed this year will lose their lives to this illness.
  • Approximately 40 women will be diagnosed each day in 2013, and  one in eight Australian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer by the time they turn 85.
  • It is estimated that in 2020, approximately 17,210 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. In one year alone.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in women, so it’s more than likely you know someone who is, or has battled this illness.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month in Australia, and in order to raise awareness and support women battling this disease, Tara Wolf Jewellery have teamed up with Pink Hope Australia to create a limited edition, stunning rose quartz bracelet and the symbol of hope ~ a ribbon. Available in silver, gold and rose gold.

30% of profits from each purchase goes towards Pink Australia, a local organisation which aims to raise awareness and money for research so we can find out more about how to change these shocking statistics.
Bracelets are available for purchase here … wear yours with pride and a smile, to show your support.

 Screen shot 2013-10-17 at 5.34.07 PM

This is a pink smoothie, filled with health-boosting nutrients and antioxidants that combat free radicals that cause the DNA damage that promote cancer… A recipe inspired by all the incredible, strong women (and men) battling this disease. Your strength is beyond amazing.

In memory of my Auntie Mónica …

 Pink Smoothie

  • 1 frozen banana
  • The meat from one coconut (you can also use ½ cup coconut yoghurt or icecream for more of a dessert-type smoothie)
  • 1 cup coconut water (you can also use almond milk for a creamier version)
  • 1 cup strawberries (fresh or frozen)
  • 1 teaspoon maca
  • handful pomegranate seeds

Pink sherbet nectar

  • Handful raspberries
  • ¼ cup coconut nectar
  • teaspoon maqui berry (I love Loving Earth’s Organic one available here ~ you can also use acai but it wont be as zingy)
  1. Blend all ingredients for the smoothie together until well combined, adding ice if you like it thicker 
  2. Blend ingredients for pink sherbet nectar together until it becomes of a very liquid consistency
  3. Drizzle the sherbet into a glass or jar, and pour the smoothie in. Alternatively you can pour the smoothie first and swirl the sherbet through, either way the creamy is broken by surprising bits of tangyness!

    Australian Institute of Health and Welfare & Cancer Australia 2012. Breast cancer in Australian: an overview. Cancer series no. 71. Cat. No. CAN 67. Canberra: AIHW 

Travel Diaries ~ Kaua’i, the Garden Isle

The poetry of the earth is never dead” ~
John Keats

The true beauty of the earth seems to have been coalesced in the island of Kaua’i. Spending time in this magical locale ceaselessly felt like a dream, or maybe the earth-bound equivalent of the celestial place in the skies that they call heaven.

It is a place so perfectly balanced between quintessential elements ~ the air atop the mountains that brush the sky; the water of seafaring oceanic depths pulled by the moon; reflecting and sparkling under the fire of a golden sun; the rich volcanic earth constantly flourishing with life both new and ancient.

Existing between the solstice of subaqueous, emerald mountains, and cerulean, abyssal horizons.
Each part of nature found here tells a story, fills you with childlike wonder and delight. Everything is so full of life, it glistens and gleams and captivates your soul, and yet just is.
It is constantly moving and yet somehow still, halcyionic ~  assuredly sanguine in its mesmerizing presence.
The wildflowers blossom and blow in a gentle breeze, a myriad of colours, and the vibrancy of all entities seem to be intensified, enhanced here.

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 8.41.38 PM

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 8.42.20 PM

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 8.44.29 PM

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 1.12.34 PM

But no words elucidated, no photographs captured, seem to encapsulate the truly breathtaking beauty of this island.
And all this time later, I still find my mind wandering back to the deep, malachite valleys and wildly thalassic, cyan waters that compose my daydreams.
Truly, Kaua’i is a place with magic singing from its every element, its every intrinsic facet of being.

It is captivating, haunting and intoxicating beauty ~ in every sense of the word.
It’s the kind of beauty that you soak in with all the kinesthesia of your being, everything you have, everything you are. It’s the kind of beauty that leaves you feeling totally and utterly amazed ~ entirely fulfilled and yet thirsting for more. It enraptures your every sense. It’s rare.

I feel so very blessed to have spent some of my time~ albeit that of which is fleeting, ephemeral ~ in this enchanting place…
leaving a part of my heart and soul here, and know I will be back.  x

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 1.13.11 PM

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 1.15.02 PM

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 8.49.33 PM

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 8.54.22 PM

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 8.46.39 PM

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 1.16.17 PM


Food in Kauai is synonymous with local, organic / GMO-free, farm-fresh produce . . . the locals are passionate about it, everyone proudly sporting “GMO-free Kaua’i” stickers on their cars, fighting against chemically-altered foods and supporting the life of what Mother Nature provides. Check out this link to find out more

* Aloha Aina Juice Bar ~ in Koloa, on the South Shore of Kauai  ~ some of the best antioxidant-filled acai bowls in existence…thick and icy and full of local farm produce… and the staff here are the friendliest, smiliest and most gorgeous girls on the island! Try the B.I.A. for a dose of Vitamin-A rich Kale, or  the Chunky Monkey for something a little more decadent. It’s in the back of a supermarket that’s filled with locally-made healthy treats like kombucha and kale chips too!

* Harvest Market ~ right in Hanalei town, this is one seriously rad little supermarket packed full of health foods… it has everything you could possibly dream of in a health food store, as well as great little juice bar with yummy smoothies

* Common Ground ~ a North Shore farm where you can wander around the grounds, among all the sustainably harvested herbs and veggies that are nurtured, nourished and thrive in scared ground. There’s an amazing café on the property with delicious dishes all made from local produce ~ try the Mighty Green Salad with kale! Find out more here

Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 9.54.26 AM

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 8.55.08 PM

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 1.18.29 PM

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 1.17.18 PM

* Rainbow Living Food ~ A family-owned, hole in the wall spot in Kapa’a…down an alleyway just off Kuhio Hiughway and only detectable by a small sign, this pastel-colour painted café has the most delicious wraps, nori rolls and power balls on the island… all raw, vegan and organic! Check out them out at

* Papaya’s Natural Foods in Kapa’a ~ A great space stocked full of local produce and health foods… it has a juice, smoothie and lunch bar too.

* Aloha Juice bar, Hanalei ~ A colourful little juice cart right in the town of Hanalei, the prefect place to get an acai bowl, fresh coconut or freshly squeezed pineapple juice.

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 8.51.40 PM

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 8.45.17 PM

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 1.13.43 PM

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 8.45.41 PM

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 8.47.09 PM

Experience ~

I heart Hanalei boutique on the North Shore ~ a boutique brimming with the most beautiful swimwear from both local and international brands as well as gorgeous jewellery, and stunning clothing from brands like Free People and Gypsy 05. Check out their page here


Olivine Beach Boutique ~  Named after the translucent yellowish-green mineral birthstone of the owner, Sally Ann, Olivine is a gorgeous little boutique in the Kukui’ula shopping village, in Koloa / / Po’ipu beach on the south shore. Filled with local brands like Acacia Swimwear. Check them out at

There is a great yoga school in Hanalei, right near harvest foods…the Vinyasa and Rope Wall classes are amazing! For more info, class schedules and times go to 

Get lost on the Na Pali Coast. It is beyond m a g i c a l… check it out either by air (helicopter), or by ocean (boat)

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 8.52.19 PM

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 8.43.44 PM

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 1.16.48 PM

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 8.49.14 PM

Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 10.33.16 AM

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 8.44.54 PM

B L I S S Balls with Six Sense Organic

These little powerhouses of nutrition are delicious and awesome when you need a little mood-boost. They are full of happiness-enchancing nutrients to balance the hormones that influence your emotions and state of mind.

The secret to the amazing taste and much of these nourishing properties is a powder called “Pulse” by Six Sense Organic.  A seriously awesome family-owned company I discovered around springtime last year, and have been implementing into my every day ever since.
Created by two amazing naturopaths, Sally and Nick, in Byron Bay ~ this is a brand that remains true to the integrity, honesty and philosophy of nourishing others with the best that nature provides. I highly recommended each of their products with all my heart, and incorporate them into my daily routine, noticing how well I feel when I do.

You can check out the other Six Sense Organic Products here

This is one of my favourite blends ~ not only is it  d e l i c i o u s  (it tastes like Milo – but a way more nutritious version!) it’s naturopathically formulated to balance hormones and in turn boost both energy and mood.

Raw cacao, the main ingredient in the PULSE powder, has potent bliss-enchancing properties that stimulate an endorphin release (just like post-exercise high!) as well as sending other “happiness” hormones through your body. It’s also high in magnesium that helps relieve tension headaches and acts as a mild pain relief (especially from cramps).

Bananas, walnuts, chia seeds, as well as the almonds & mesquite found in the Pulse Blend, contain tryptophan, one of the 9 essential amino acids (the “building blocks” that make up protein inside our bodies). Tryptophan helps not only to elevate your mood, but also improve sleep as well as regulate appetite. It can relieve ailments that double as deficiency symptoms; such as depression, anxiety, irritability, impatience and inability to concentrate. It acts as a precursor for serotonin, a neurotransmitter that is released when you are happy! Magnesium, present in all ingredients but particularly the cacao, walnuts, chia seeds, mesquite and almonds is also known to boost serotonin.

Maca root and goji berries found in the PULSE blend are both adaptogens ~ these are a group of plants that contain special nutrients that particularly work to balance your endocrine system ~ the one that is responsible for producing the hormones that determine your mood. The really cool thing about this is they adapt to the exact change that your body needs, unique to each individual!

Bananas will also give you an energy boost with their high potassium and Vitamin B6 content, both of which have been proven to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as pre-menstrual syndrome..

So enjoy both the taste and nutritional benefits of these yummy little bliss balls beautiful souls! 


B L I S S  Balls 

Makes about 20

  • 2 over-ripe bananas
  • 1/2 cup Six Sense Organic PULSE powder
  • ¼ cup crushed activated walnuts
  • Handful Chia seeds
  • Goji berries, coconut and additional chia seeds (to coat)
  1.  Mash bananas
  2. Mix banana with Pulse Powder, crushed walnuts and chia seeds, and mix until well combined
  3. Roll mixture into balls and coat with chia seeds, coconut, or goji berries to ‘seal’
  4. Freeze for at least 2 hours
  5. Enjoy!

    Note: Store these in the freezer ~ the banana goes mushy when it’s kept in the fridge!


Superfood Spring Smoothie


I dreamed that, as I wandered by the way,
Bare Winter suddenly was changed to Spring…
Its green arms round the bosom of the stream,
But kissed it and then fled, as thou mightest in dream.
And cherry-blossoms, and white cups whose wine
Was the bright dew yet drained not by the day;
And wild roses, and ivy serpentine,
With its dark buds and leaves wandering astray

~ The Question, Percy Bysshe Shelley

The distinctive aura of spring has been in the air the last few days in Melbourne ~ that promising anticipation that begins as the sun begins to set a little later, the birds start singing a little louder, and the trees begin to sprout vibrant green leaves from their bare branches…in each season’s change, there is a profound sense of hope and wonder for what is to come…But this is especially tangible in Springtime… that even after winter’s cold harsh elements, nature’s beauty is found amongst predicament and cataclysm~  a reflection of amaranthine hope in the face of adversity.

There is one cherry blossom tree around the corner of my house that always blooms when the weather starts getting warmer… I’ve feel like it wasn’t really the end of winter until this one tree flourishes, and if the chilly southern winds blow well into September (like they have the past few years) then spring may come later than the calendar suggests… but this year, it  beckoned an early beginning to the warmer months  ~ the tree began to to blossom its roseately pink flowers the other day.
Although this indicated an early start to spring, today is the 1st of September, so  here is a recipe packed with antioxidants for you beautiful souls; created to celebrate the official start of springtime…bring on the sunshine, warm ocean currents and efflorescence of spring blooms!

Screen shot 2013-09-01 at 8.03.24 PM

Springtime superfood smoothie

Serves 1 (large serving!) 

  • 1/4 cup freshly squeezed orange juice
  • 1 cup coconut water
  • 1 ¼ cup frozen mixed berries (frozen raspberries work well also)
  • handful pomegranate seeds
  • handful cherries
  • tablespoon chia seeds
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1 frozen acai pack or 1 tablespoon acai powder
  • 1frozen banana
  • Tablespoon/serving of Six Sense Organic RISE Pea Protein

1. Blend together the juice, coconut water, cherries, coconut oil and banana, and blend well
2. Add the chia seeds, pomegranate seeds, protein powder and acai berries, and blend again
3. Add frozen berries to thicken and blend until smooth

Enjoy this in the gorgeous sunshine! x x 

With Love Daisy Chain Photoshoot + B T S

With Love Daisy Chain…a swimwear label created from the heart of a gentle flower-child soul Georgia
~ inspired by a time of freedom & love, bronzed limbs & coconuts~

When I received an email from this lovely soul during the last weeks of summer, to design a print for her upcoming D H A R M A collection for Summer 2013/2014…. to say I was ecstatic is putting it mildly. Georgie’s offer came at the perfect time… when the leaves begin to turn golden colours of the sunset, and a frost begins to seep around the edges of the afternoon… it was a reminder of the warmth that was to come after the chilly winter season.
More so, the fact that we were able to collaborate to create something beautiful for an a m a z i n g cause is something I am so very grateful for, and extremely blessed to be able to do. Doing something I love, with incredibly inspiring souls and helping critically endangered creatures …. I cannot think of anything better.
You can read more about the cause, the beautiful creatures that are the inspiration behind this towel in my previous blog post here


“With love, Daisy Chain was a daydream of mine. Growing up by the beach, and being a sun worshipper, I dreamt of having a job that allowed me to chase the sun, unleash creativity and be free.

Inspired by a chat to my mum I quit by  job and followed her advice to ” do something that makes your heart sing”My collection this year was inspired by my travels to Asia, it’s balmy nights, its endless coastline, majestic creatures  and my curiosity to educate myself on hindu culture and its peaceful vibrancy.
The Hindus I was blessed to meet have a  happiness and zest for life that had a big influence on me and it was very humbling.
I have such a strong connection and respect for Mother Nature, when I am out in the ocean, absorbed in its wonder I am at complete peace.”
Georgia, With Love Daisy Chain designer and creator

…Last Sunday was the day of the shoot with both the towel as well as several pieces for the upcoming collection, with one of my favourite photographers – Charley Greenfield or Charley SDG,
and styled by fashion blogger and close friend Leana of Coconut And Lime.
With an early start, before the sun began to wake, we drove down to the rugged, windy coast of the Great Ocean Road, a car full of shells, swimwear and dreamcatchers…and Leana brought an entire bag of jewellery!
The day was filled with laughter, several un-winterlike breaks of sunshine through clouds, as well as wading through a quickly rising tide…

I am so honoured to have had the opportunity to work and collaborate with such beautiful, talented goddesses…

A swimwear label who’s creations are reminiscent of the time of free love, peace and balmy summer nights, with an infusion of exotic influences….
With Love, Daisy Chain instagram: @withlovedaisychain

A free spirited creative, incredibly talented photographer who captures the very essence of her subject in a single moment, the synchrocity of the elements are illustrated beautifully in her images …
Charley Greenfield (Charley SDG) 
find her at tumblr and instagram @charleysdg

Sunflower-loving mermaid, shell and jewellery collector, whimsical fashion blogger and stylist…
Leana Mullane

instagram @coconutandlime

Here a few images captured on this magical Sunday….


Rings by Spell Designs, Hard Couture, Bahgsu Jewels, Native Riot
Bracelets by Roadtrip Jewellery, She Made Me, Gypsy River, Penny For Your Thoughts, Vanessa Mooney and watch by Pandeia


“This year I wanted to create a collection  that reflected my desire to be a positive influence on the world, no matter how small.My idea to have a charitable aspect to my towel was thought of one morning when I was researching the elephants of Asia.  I read of the plight of the Sumatran elephant and the deforestation of the beautiful rain forests of Borneo and discovered an Australian Charity full of wonderful people trying to stop this awful destruction.” ~ Georgia


Star Crossed Lover bikini top by With Love Daisy Chain, skirt by Soleil Blue, flower crown by CJS Flower Crowns… Jewellery same as above, as well as Save the Last Pinker and AnEndlessSummer Designs

The Sunshine Bottoms from With Love Daisy Chain

The Sunshine Bottoms from With Love Daisy Chain


Star Crossed Lover Bikini Top by With Love Daisy Chain, skirt by Tigerlily Swimwear

“Along with the beautiful towel, my collection this year is centred around cheeky cut bottoms, delicate brallette tops, floaty maxi dresses to day dream in, and lace up high waisted bottoms to channel your inner goddess.” ~ Georgia



Feathers By Native Riot


Dress by Salte Resort,  anklet by Moonshine Bay store in Port Douglas, vintage glasses found in Little Lost Land





And behind. the. scenes…

(captured by Leana and Georgia – thank you beautiful girls!) 



mermaid stylist Leana collecting shells…


Leana's set up...

Leana’s set up…Amilita Cardigan, Spell Designs Kimono, Cleobella Skirt, Jens Pirate Booty Kimono


Georgia placing shells delicately...

Georgia placing shells delicately…

Photograph by Charley Greenfield (Charley SDG)

Photograph by Charley Greenfield (Charley SDG)

One last final word from the beautiful Georgia…
“I am blessed to have met Tasha, and was humbled when she responded to my request to hand sketch the print for my beach towel. The artwork was more beautiful than I could of imagined, and I firmly believe that fate has brought me to such wonderful people and that I am on the path to find my D h a r m a.

x x x.

Featured Accessories…


AnEndlessSummer Designs

Bagsu Jewels

CJS flowercrowns


Gypsy River

Hard Coture

Jen’s Pirate Booty

Native Riot


Penny for Your Thoughts Jewellery

Roadtrip Jewellery

Salte Resort

Save the Last Pinker

She Made Me

Soleil Blue

Spell and the Gypsy Collective

Tigerlily Swimwear

Vanessa Mooney

With Love, Daisy Chain & International Elephant Project

“There is no creature among all the Beasts of the world which hath so great and ample demonstration of the power and wisdom of almighty God, as the elephant.”
~ Edward Topsell

Elephants are gentle, altruistic and empathic creatures, affectionate and loving to both their own species as well as others – but they are also at high risk of dying out, and at an alarmingly rapid rate.

 Last week a friend told me that when a herd of these beings walk by a skeleton of another perished elephant, they pass around the bones to one another… taking the time to hold it each, before placing it back, exactly the way they found it. They also are the only creatures other than humans with a funeral-like ritual when a herd member passes away, and who visit the graves of deceased, even if they are unrelated.

Certain structures found within elephants’ brains (present only in dolphins, whales,  elephants, chimps and humans) known as Spindle Neurons, mean that they are able to feel true sadness, remorse, compassion. They recognize each other after years of separation, ears flapping and trunks intertwining… and they grieve and mourn the loss of their loved ones.  They have often been known to go out of their way to avoid hurting others, even if it means sacrificing their own comfort and safety or risking their lives. Elephants display emotional intelligence and empathy in exactly the same way we do. 

But these benevolent, kind creatures are at high risk for extinction in Indonesia, due to Habitat loss through human causes. With illegal logging and deforestation, the pulp paper industry, poaching, and the palm oil industry growing at an alarming rate, elephant’s homes and lives are at risk, placing them in the critically endangered list on the World Wildlife Foundation.  With over 70% of their natural habitat lost to human destruction in the past 25 years, we need to take drastic measures to stop this, and quickly.

photograph from

photograph from

“The current situation and future for Sumatra’s elephants is bleak. The island has undergone rapid change in the last 25 years and this has had a catastrophic effect on the habitat of the wild elephant. Human elephant conflict is a major issue. The flawed policy of capturing and domesticating elephants also appears to have failed.” ~ The International Elephant Project


But you can help change this.

Earlier this year, With Love, Daisy Chain designer Georgia emailed me, asking to design a print for a charity-benefitting towel in the upcoming Summer 2013/14 Collection.

The brief was simply to create something with lots of colour, possibly paisley and featuring elephants… as the concept behind much of the collection was the peaceful creatures in which are much loved, yet at risk. To be asked something like this is very humbling and places many things into perspective, as well as ignites an internal fire of burning passion, in the hopes of making a positive difference to a worldwide issue.

100% of profits from sales will go to the International Elephant Project, an Australian Organization who’s mission statement is …to promote the survival of the Sumatran and Bornean elephants in their natural habitat by undertaking genuine, measurable and effective elephant conservation.


The print features Indonesian Elephants, paying  homage the amazing creatures in which it is both inspired by and which the profits go towards saving

The print features Indonesian Elephants, paying homage the amazing creatures in which it is both inspired by and which the profits go towards saving. Copyright Tasha Clarke Art 2013

The towel are available for presale now at, and will be instore in September. 

Remember that every single purchase counts, and brings us closer to saving the lives of the remaining elephants and their native Indonesian habitats from more devastation.


To find out how you can help more go to: 

Be  a w a r e of where the ingredients in your food come from and how it impacts on others than the environment.

 You can also boycott the palm oil industry by checking out (the palm oil free  shopping guide)



Copyright Tasha Clarke Art 2013

Copyright Tasha Clarke Art 2013